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Monday, 17 May 2010

A slut's kit bag

Mmmm, so what would be the essential ingredients in a slut's kit bag for a Saturday night out???

Tying up equipment:
  • Leather collar & handcuffs for sheer erotic appeal
  • Bondage tape for practicality
  • Open mouth gag, because I'm feeling daring and have not been a disgusting saliva covered mess for far too long
Pleasure equipment:
  • Favourite glass dildo - beautiful, always good to have and can torture my banshee friend with it on Sunday afternoon; at least one other dildo or butt plug for DP insertion option
  • Evil anal beads, guaranteed to make me go through the roof. They also feel good to neighbouring cocks or so I'm told.
  • Silver bullet for cheeky stimulation
  • Brand new shocking Magic Wand Massager??? Downside - very, very loud, huge, heavy. Upside - unbearable vibration, near forced orgasms, the expression on banshee's face. The last point I think settles it.
  • Lots of lube, lots of condoms
Pain equipment:
  • I don't own any! I don't provide my own whips or paddles ;-)
Lingerie (not in the kit bag but on my body):
  • Dark red silk moulin rouge style bra and matching G-string
  • Consider matching suspenders and stockings, outfit-dependent (you've got to give a girl some time to dither over that)
  • Alternative to change into: black leather bare-arsed spank skirt and black gauze breast revealing shoulder wrap, corset on request
Must get a bigger bag!!!!


  1. Where can I find one of these lovely girls? :-)

  2. A well-equipped slut? We're not such a rare species now :-)