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Friday, 21 May 2010

A perfect moment

We took the glass lift back down into the hotel lobby. It was now 3.30 in the morning. Somehow the glorious threesome that I had had in mind had gone badly awry. I still fail to see how one hunky guy and two beautiful naked women in a penthouse suite overlooking St.Paul's cathedral did not translate into mind-blowing sex, but leaving had been the best thing Banshee and I could do under the circumstances. I was just tired now and confused and faintly embarrassed.

We were halfway across the lobby, when she stopped me.
"Hang on a moment!"
I must have looked vaguely uncomfortable, but she held on to my arm which was hooked under hers. She turned me, lifted her face up to mine and fastened her fierce lips on my mouth. My lips opened under hers and her teeth nipped at my bottom lip, as she held me for what felt like an age.
When she let go of me, she looked into my eyes, still holding my hand. I made a move to go, but she still held me on the spot.
"Just take it in for a second," she said."You belong here. I know you don't believe it, but you do belong here. Just take a look around and take it in."
I lifted my head and looked around: behind me the night porter was busying himself behind the reception, in front of me the last few revellers were enjoying their drinks in the overpriced hotel bar. The big glass front of the hotel reflected a multitude of sparkling lights and the illuminated outline of St. Paul's was clearly visible outside. It was a beautiful sight, a beautiful sight in a very surreal moment. Finally, I paused in myself and took it in. She kissed me again then, long and hard. I was aware of the people around us, but I kissed her back proudly. We both smiled, wrapped our arms around each other and left.


  1. Quite right too!

  2. Yes, she was quite right. She does challenge my multitudinous little lapses in confidence every time - even when I'm barely spotting them.

  3. She is evidently yhe best friend a girl could have--someone who understands how you feel and responds to it immediately. That is a warm post. x