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Saturday, 8 May 2010

My first PVC dress

Other than frilly burlesque, Fetishwear has never really appealed to me that much. Plus the thought of getting sweaty under rubber or PVC just didn't seem that sexy to me. But you know, when in Rome... But ultimately, I think it was whipping Banshee's sweet pale arse encased in shiny black PVC last Sunday that swayed me in the end. Whatever it was, come Monday morning, I'd been shopping. I received the first half of the delivery - a pair of bare-arsed leather chaps and a posing pouch for my man - yesterday morning. He was liking them so much that he wouldn't take them off. Which would have been fine, except that apparently he's now Banshee's "bitch" (her words not mine) and I'm not allowed to spank him. Cruel! This morning, part 2 of the delivery arrived: my kinky "lockable PVC Vampire style dress". And actually - I'm loving it! Apparently I now look like a mistress rather than a sub. With my stern German features it doesn't really take much to make me look a little scary. In this instance we'll work under the assumption that scary is good! 


  1. love the look.. you could kneel for me dressed like that.

    Good to see that your still having a great time.. great to meet with you shame we haven't managed to meet for fun - yet.


  2. It looks superb--and I'm sure the "stern, German looks" will adorn it beautifully. x

  3. Thank you both! Show me a lady who isn't partial to a bit of flattery. xx