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Sunday, 31 January 2010

What is a slut anyway?

According to the online etymological dictionary, the first record of the word "slut" appears around 1400 AD, where it is thought to refer to a "dirty, slovenly, untidy woman". Over time the word came to mean a woman of "loose morals", i.e. a promiscuous woman. Like all good guttural four letter words its origin is likely Germanic. If you want to to use words of sweet romance, go with the Romance languages, if you're talking about joyful, gutsy physicality and a bit of dirt, it's the Germans you want.  So why is it, that some of us are choosing to reclaim this old derogatory word?  As modern informed women we are all supposed to be caring, as well as assertive, successful in our careers as well as doting mothers, always self-reflective, excelling in our communication, we are supposed to "make love" rather than fuck... The slut however - essentially a free agent, at home in her body, accepting of her needs and as messy as life itself. You just have to love her!