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Thursday, 27 May 2010

The recovery of tenderness

I believe that people come into your life to teach you different things - maybe lovers even more so than friends. Or maybe "teach" isn't the right word - it's not as though it isn't all there already in you. Maybe "bring out in you" or "remind you" would be the better terminology. 

Yesterday, I was helped to retrieve my own tenderness - some deeply intimate, sensual, delicate, delightful, exploratory quality that's so very much part of me, but that doesn't see the light of day in my sexuality as often as it should. It made me pause for a fraction of a second and think "Oh!". "Oh, THAT is there too. What ever happened to THAT? How could I have forgotten?" But I didn't pause for long. Instead my teeth resumed their cheeky little pull on my lover's ear, before my lips wandered down to journey up the most beautifully swung collarbone in the world. How could I have forgotten?

But then I know, I really know. Lovers of late have not brought this out in me and slut-girl, well - slut-girl has just been wild and dirty and messy and rough so much of the time, never quite sure where and when moments of tenderness were actually allowed. Warmth and comfort with my husband yes, but spine-tingling, slow-burning sensuality all for it's own sake? I'm not sure I have ever actually experienced that quite like this. So today I am touched, I'm enriched, I'm a better lover and this good-slut-one-girl-being is just a little more whole than yesterday. Danke Dir!


  1. What a nice post. It's rare to find that kind of thoughtfulness in blogland. x

  2. I really enjoy your writing. Check out mine: http://petgirlcath.blogspot.com/

    From a fellow Slut ;)

  3. nice blog, hope you start up again