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Monday, 3 May 2010

Real life adventures: Dirty talk (epilogue)

Back in the car I settled into the passenger seat. It was 3 in the morning and it had been a pretty successful night. Sure, I hadn't been tied to a post and been pleasured and hurt by half a dozen people, but it would be more than a little greedy to expect that every time. Just one thing was still niggling me - the lack of an orgasm. Whilst I can cum pretty easily by myself or with a dedicated, familiar lover, in more complex or novel scenarios there is usually too much going on for me to even try. Add even a pinch of performance anxiety and you may as well forget about my orgasm. So I don't stress about it, but at the end of a big turn on night, I appreciate some kind of conclusion. So I did what I frequently do on the drive home from a club: I placed my feet on the dash board, grabbed my trusty bottle of lube and started stroking my clit. I let my mind drift off to words, sounds and images of the night. Still, I was struggling a little - caught somewhere between tiredness and the urge to cum. So I decided to talk to my husband.

"Was I bad tonight?"

He grinned. "Yes, you were a very good bad girl!"
"Did you hear what the guy said to me?" I asked, eyes closed, fingers still strumming away on my clit.
"I think the whole room dungeon heard that!" he answered with mock outrage in his voice.
"Were you appalled?" I was a little more breathless now. Talking to him was just giving me the edge I needed.
"I was disgusted to have such a dirty slut for a wife!"
"I'm sorry!" I said in a tone of faked embarrassment. "He said if he'd met me earlier, he would have taken me around the club and made me suck every single cock, cunt and arse in sight."
"You would have loved that, wouldn't you, you dirty little cunt?"
"Yes!" I groaned under the building pressure in my cunt and just as we pulled up by a traffic light next to a lorry. I closed my thighs for a moment and checked whether the driver was looking down my way. All safe! As we pulled away, my fingers resumed their busy work. I closed my eyes again.
"What would YOU have got me to do?"
"Hmmm", he said, "I would have taken you around and shown everybody exactly what kind of greedy whore my wife is. I would have shown them all your greedy sopping cunt and arsehole and asked them to probe it however they liked!"
I was quite far gone now. I grabbed the bottle of lube, shoved it up my pussy and stroked my clit for all it was  worth. I was building, building and building, fingers getting faster still. I hovered on the brink until a fierce contraction ripped through me. I groaned out loud, my body buckled for a few seconds and then came to rest heavily in my seat.

"Good girl!"
"Ah....Thank you!" I said through a light-headed haze.
He was silent for a few seconds. Then I heard the sound of his zip being pulled down.
"See what you've done to me now, you dirty cunt?"
He took my hand and placed it on his hard cock - it was dripping in precum. I started stroking him gently, as we hit the motorway and continued our journey home. I kept working him lightly and we recounted the night's events, what had turned us on, bemused us, what had been lacking.
"At this rate, we're going to have to pull of at the next services and fuck!" I chuckled.
He groaned under a particularly nifty manipulation of the edge of his glans. Don't I ever know how to make him jump. "At this rate, I don't know if we're going to make it that far!" he replied.

I eased off a little and it wasn't much longer until the exit to the service station was in sight. We pulled off and onto the car park. Bad plan! The car park was quite brightly lit and covered in a smattering of lorries that had pulled up there for the night. This wasn't going to work out. We pulled off the car park again, but rather than returning to the motorway, my husband turned the opposite way, towards a stretch of fairly empty countryside. A small lay-by marked the entrance to a dark field.
"That'll do!" he said, as he parked the car.
Seconds later he'd pulled his pants down fully, I'd whipped off my jacket and clambered across the gear stick. He slid his seat back far enough for me to fit between him and the steering wheel - just! I sighed as I slid my sopping wet, post-orgasmic pussy onto his cock. I held him tight, our bodies pressed together, and started moving up and down on his cock. He groaned beneath me. My booted legs squeezed his naked thighs and I rocked harder in the confined space. I buried my face in his neck, covering him in greedy kisses and brought me pussy down firmly on his cock. It didn't take much. He buckled below me and exploded into my cunt. I rested there breathlessly for a couple of minutes.
"Let's go home!"


  1. It is so nice to hear a story like this end with a satisfying fuck between husband and wife. You build to it so nicely too, and I could quite picture the dark motorway and the brightly-lit services, and the sounds of lube and pussy. Quite exhilarating. Ty. x

  2. Wow! Great post. I am going to have to go back and read more about your adventures that night. I secretly (and openly) fantasize about seeing my wife taken, manipulated and explored by multiple guys. I'll keep working on making the fantasy a reality, but until then your blog will help satisfy my wicked cravings!
    TY, Ryan.