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Friday, 26 March 2010

Real life adventures: Black Man's Fan Club

There are swinging nights and then there's this: nights where we abandon any pretence of harmonious 2 couple soft swapping, full swapping and whatever else there is. There are nights when it's just about getting yourself fucked. Doesn't sound pretty? Believe me it isn't, but it's also amazing, outrageous, physically intense and exceedingly greedy.

Now, before I say any more, I should really say upfront that in many ways I'm not that comfortable venturing out with my husband on a night that's all about my pleasure and mine alone. But he will insist, and I believe him, that whilst this isn't his main kick, he gets much pleasure out of watching me have a wild time. So I won't argue and instead humbly accept his generosity (and his graciousness in passing me condom after condom after condom that night).

But I digress. Black Man's Fan Club is exactly what it says on the tin.
A night for couples and single girls to enjoy as many beautiful, fit black guys as they choose. Before I started swinging I didn't really have a big black guy fetish and I'm not sure I do now, but the fact is that I've never had anything but great sex with a black guy (and I've had a fair bit of sex). It's always been vigorous, physical, intense, often leaving me pounded to within an inch of my life. It's also been warm and generous and a lot of fun. And no, it's not just about cock size. Of course that can be interesting too ;-) So whilst every inch of my German soul protests against the stereotyping, I think black guys are great lovers.

It was a stunning blur of a night last Saturday and not one that I want to recount in a massive amount of detail. It suffices to say that it was a record breaking night in every respect. I managed to double my maximum number of sexual partners in one night easily from 4 to 8. More would have been easy to find, if only I hadn't been fucked sore already (note to self: avoid ribbed condoms for marathon sessions). We eventually crawled into bed at home at 6.30 on the Sunday morning. Unheard of! So I really just want to leave you with my favourite vignette of the evening.

We're on the first floor of a fairly large modern(ish) country house. The corridor is almost jam packed with attractive black guys and the odd couple floating around hovering at the entrances to the various bedrooms to take a look at the action. I get a lot of looks and a lot of subtle and not so subtle requests, some of which I politely refuse. I indicate to a couple of particularly cute guys that I'm heading for the loft. I've already been up there once that night - what started with one person soon transformed into encounters with lovers 2, 3 and 4, so I have a fairly good idea about the implications of going up there again. I climb the aluminium fold-out ladder, so oddly reminiscent of the one leading up to my mother-in-law's loft. The space upstairs is curious, dimly lit with a few mattresses. Most people seem to prefer the dark corners of the room. Before I know it I'm being abducted into the darkest of all corners by two of the guys had I met in the corridor!

There are about 3 mattresses in that niche, the middle one of which is free. It seems to take only seconds for me to dump my clothes and for the first guy get his cock out. It's a little late for false modesty or lengthy preambles - everybody's pretty clear why there here. I'm happy, it's a good one: a beautiful, firm, perfectly sized cock. I suck it hard and deep, but not for long. You've just got to love a guy who wants to fuck you and nothing much but fuck you. My lovely husband isn't far and passes me the first of many condoms to slide onto the willing cock. Lover number 5 flips me over and slides his cock between my thighs. A small push upwards and forwards and he's there. I've heard it say that I always look best with a cock inside me and actually I always feel best with a cock inside me. He starts thrusting, steady at first, as if not to hurt me. But I've had a very large cock earlier, so I'm well stretched. I push my hips back on his cock so he will know that he can push me much, much harder. I thrust myself back onto him and he thrusts into me firmly now. I'm told later that it's a beautiful sight to behold, it's so dark that you can see little but my soft, pale-skinned arse being pounded into. I know it's a good arse to fuck, now mystified that I never knew for most of my life that my skin has an unusual buttery texture. He's still holding my hips only lightly. I reach back to encourage him to grab me properly, grab me hard and use me for all I'm worth. He comes quite quickly and now I understand his holding back. But I needn't have been disappointed, because the next lover has already taken his place.

I get a big thrill out of that. I havn't even seen this guy's face. There's just me in this dingy corner, knowing I could keep going like this, being fucked by one beautiful young body after the next. It's heady and it's greedy making! Not long and his cock is exposed. A little less impressive and a little more work required to work him up, but his body feels nice and I'm here already. But then again, there's little reason to worry. Once he's hard and starts fucking me, I am reminded how much this is not about size. His technique is amazing. He does once of the fiercest, most intense little rotating movements that I've ever felt, deeply stirring my cunt with his cock. Then he crashes into me with a vengeance pounding me furiously. Smack, a tentative slap lands on my buttock. "More, more, more", I beg, but he's a little reluctant to spank me in earnest. He's fucking me like crazy though. Soon he flips me around, gathers me up in his arms (God, I love that!), so I can kiss him fiercely. He never eases, he keeps stirring me and thrusting and flips me over again. My knees are hurting now, my arms are tired. He pushes my head down and wraps my feet around his calves. And never stops. I loose all track of time, but he seems insatiable, fucking me for what feels like the best part of an hour until my body is worn out and exhausted. "I'm done, hon, I'm so done", I groan. My throat is sore, I've been screaming the place down.
He flips me over for a final fuck from behind. I can feel my pussy is inflamed now, gripping his shaft tightly and it's sore as he fucks it. But somehow I get into the zone. I open up to the pain, open up to him even more, as the sensations wash through me and I'm nothing but a wide upon fucked up mess.

Then I'm done, really done. I kiss him, thank him and he leaves. But another guy has been alongside me all the time, touching me whilst I was fucking, stroking my breasts. He leans over now. I feel so done, but the thrill of a new touch, a new cock is too much for me, and before long I'm engaged with lover number 7. My pussy might be done, but my arse is still virginal for that night. Endless possibilities...


  1. Have you read Catherine m.'s "La vie Sexuel" She has a section on numbers. As ever you make me smile. x

  2. Thank you, my lovely! I've heard of it, but not read it. Time to expand my erotic reading list! Reading Belle De Jour's books at the moment, but she's not quite emotional or erotic enough for me.

  3. Catherine M. is not very emotional, for that you need "one hundred strokes of the brush,.." but that is reasonably vanilla. Edith Templeton's "Gordon" which is semi-autobiographical is interesting on all counts.

  4. Wow - How exciting to read an account of one of my guests .... Helen - BMFC x

  5. Wow what a great read. That brings back some nice memories of past adventures mmm

  6. incredible wow me and sue cant wait for the opportunity for her when it comes along to enjoy thick black cocks , whilst i watch & wank..;)...love tony & sue xx

  7. I never believed until I read your account of black man and cock love - thank you for telling us x