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Friday, 26 March 2010

Vanilla holidays ahead - but the devil girl's coming right along

I'm about to head off on holiday, so there won't be any posts to speak off for a couple of weeks. You might think that we ought to be going on some crazy swinging cruise (great idea!), but actually it's all a little more vanilla than that. The greatest amount of nakedness we'll see will be in a Swedish sauna on our ski touring trail through the wilderness. That's also a great experience and not one I'd ever devalue even compared to some glorious fucks.

But before that I'm going to go even more vanilla. I'm going on a week long painting course and to top it all off, I'm going take my mother and big sister along! This is a little tricky, because everybody on the course who knows us already expects the perfect family bliss. Unfortunately I however, am a cesspit of rebellious feelings at the moment and suffocating nicey-niceyness just makes me want to vomit.
Strategy number one was to insist that at least I get my own room this time. A good strategy which I completely failed to implement (what's going on there??), so now I'm down to hoping they'll have put me in my own room rather than the bloody child's third bed again. Strategy number 2 is to take my laptop and continue working on some outrageously un-nice writing. I'm currently revisiting my pagan roots in a submission for Literotica's Earth Day story competition (strange concept I know). Strategy number 3 is just made by the devil. I'm going to paint three paintings entitled Lovers I, II and III. Three different meetings of two abstract colour pairs. Let's see what they make of that!!! Actually I'm not just being provocative here. It never fails to amaze me how different a lover I am with different lovers, what they bring out in me and I in them. There are some very notable lovers I want to explore in this felt, expressive way: my beautiful husband, banshee girl and of course my late dom. Watch this space for any of those creative outputs and have fun out there!

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