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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Real life adventures: Fetish night defloration (part 2)

I returned to the dungeon area armed with a glass of wine, ready to do some watching. I'd not really ever seen a live BDSM scene and I was hoping for some visual titillation.

A beautiful blonde girl had just been tied up to a bondage chair. She was slender, delicate, with the most perfect breasts, differentiated sharply from her defined ribcage. The chair spread her legs wide apart, her body covered only with delicate pale pink panties and some narrow wrist and ankle restraints. Exquisite. Her dom was equally appealing. He was perhaps in his late twenties, dark haired, just the right kind of toned, and wearing what can best be described as some kind of black leather breeches that left his crotch and buttocks fully exposed. His cock was already erect as he approached his girl with the kind of magic wand vibrator I'd only ever seen in S&M porn.

They had my attention now. I moved a little closer. I came to kneel on a spanking bench, sipping on my cool white wine. My own buttocks were still burning. I smiled in anticipation and fixed my eyes on the scene in front of me. He approached her with the wand, running it gently up the inside of her thighs. I was imagining the soft flesh of her thighs rippling. She and I made brief eye contact. Despite my habitual shyness in social situations, I don't avoid eye contact in sexy settings these days - actually it is rather hot to meet someone's aroused glance firmly. It's part of the naughtiness, the provocation, to meet someone's eye and let them see my slut soul. I watched the dom exchange some whispered words with the cute receptionist I'd met earlier on. Before I knew it, he approached me.

"I believe a lady's assistance is needed here. They are asking whether you may like to explore her body?"

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. "You don't need to ask me that twice. Of course, I would!"

I left behind my wine and approached the girl. It is a strange thing how touching someone intimately in a public space becomes the most natural thing in the world. I ran my fingers along the length of her outstretched bound arms. We introduced ourselves to each other briefly and she enquired about my partner. It gave me a little thrill to answer that I had left him at home for the night. The words "free agent" crossed my mind. I didn't even have to stay with my friends, I could drop myself into any scenario I was invited into or chose to create. I started caressing her beautiful breasts, at first gently, with my fingers, then more daringly, running my fingernails along one curve towards her nipple. At the same time, my left hand was massaging her pubic mound through those delicate panties (which I wished weren't there). I lowered my face towards her breast, nibbling lightly, covering her in the lightest, tiniest bites possible. Her man who had given us a little space returned to us and introduced himself briefly. He switched the wand vibrator on again and ran it along the breast that wasn't currently occupied by my exploring mouth. The vibrations were so intense that they crossed the distance between her breasts and left my lips vibrating in the most delicious way. I let go and laughed at him lightly, through a small intake of breath.

"Oh, I can feel that."

"You can?"

"Mmm, sure I can", I said, as I refastened my mouth on her nipple. He brought the vibrator over to that breast, strengthening the vibration in my lips. A small noise of pleasure escaped my throat. The vibrator moved across from her breast to my neck and collarbone. They were probably the most intense vibrations I had ever felt. I lent back a little holding on to the bondage chair, my head leaning into his beautiful partner's arms. The vibrator probed the top of my breasts which were raised high by the constriction of the corset. It only took a small pull on the corset to expose my nipples. Now it was his turn to make an appreciative noise. He started unhooking the small fastenings of my corset. Having little trust in guys' finer motor functions I completed the work myself. The corset dropped to the floor, as he was running the vibrator over my breasts in earnest now.

As I've said before, I'm a responsive girl. I like to make noises, not just to give you feedback, but because I can experience sensations quite strongly and I get much more turned on myself if I let that come out in my voice. So what can I say? I was enjoying the sensation! My eyes were closed, my body arching up towards him and I was drawing in breath deeply and releasing it the way only a seriously pleasured woman would. He was liking that. I've never yet met a man who hasn't. More importantly, I was liking it - arousal was beginning its delightful work of making me loose and soft and open.

"I think we are going to have to tie you up and play with you. Would you like that?"

I opened my eyes. "Yes! Yes, of course I would."


Of course I hadn't planned for things to go this way or expected it, but God what an opportunity! I was watching with a strange sense of happy calm, feeling completely and surprisingly at ease, as he untied his partner and fastened her wrist cuffs on me. I was wearing nothing but my boots, my collar and my G-string now. He led me across the room to an upright gate-shaped frame and proceeded to fasten the cuffs to its metal rings just below chest height, using some fairly industrial looking carabiners. "I think that's going to have to come off", he said pulling on my G-string. I stepped out of it and he gently spread my legs apart and bent me over at the hip. What a beautiful, arousing move, just gently bending me over like that, positioning me just right for him. I'd not ever actually thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but I was loving being displayed like that. I knew there were at least around 20 people watching, but I was facing away from them, unable to see them and frankly it just added to the thrill. I held on to the frame in a way that would accentuate my arms and shoulders and aimed to arch my back into the most aesthetic position, knowing that my tattoo would look just perfect. I'm quite aware that my body is not conventionally attractive, but if you are going to do these things, you may as well do them with attitude.

I must apologize to you my darling reader, because from here things start to get a little hazy. That is actually quite unusual for me and perhaps a sign of how deeply I let go in the session that was to follow. But I shall do my best to document what I thought was happening as I was being assaulted by the most delightful onslaught of sensations. Do bear in mind however that my back was turned to my tormentors at all times and I could not actually see who was working me at any one point.

The first sensation that I recall was a caressing sensation running down my back and across my buttocks. Soft, delightful, most likely coming from one of those many fingered whips made of soft suede leather.  I moaned softly and arched my back even further to raise my behind towards the sensation. Then another, distinct feeling, more familiar, probably my mistress friend's crop with it's small leather paddle, lightly patting the tops of my thighs. I was getting the shape of this now, they were warming me up again, getting my blood to circulate just beneath my skin. And they were working as a team on me. But I had little time to think about that, as the sensations were becoming a little more intense. With a soft swish, the whip landed lightly on my behind, as the crop hit the underswell of my right buttock. "Ah!" More a moan than a sound of discomfort. Swish and smack - the other side. The pain was short and sharp, not strong yet, and after each moment of contact a wave of tingling sensations spread across my skin. Swish and smack, smack and swish. I was holding on tightly to the frame. Nobody was asking me about pain scores now. I'm not sure I could have put a number to it, but it was perfect. Building up ever so gradually. I could feel my pussy throbbing, for the first time in all my experiences actually from the sensation of pain, not just from the psychological thrill. Swish, the top of my buttocks and smack, the edge. And smack, and smack and smack! "Au!" I yelped. Much like my friend to keep hitting the same spot! My buttocks pulling away now, not towards the sensation. Then, suddenly, intense vibration against my crotch. I could hear myself moaning and whimpering loudly, as from a distance, but my whole being was taken up with the sensations in my crotch. Impossible to describe - like cuming but not cuming, really not like any other feeling I'd ever experienced. Even my body seemed unsure whether to grind into it or try to escape from it. But there was no escape to be had, the pressure against my clit and pussy was firm, so all I could do was to hold on for dear life and ride it out. I was in it, I was it, pure pleasure. Then it stopped.

The hands that had bent me forward straightened me up again for a moment. "I just want to save your back. How are you doing?"

I turned my head as much as I could to look at him. "I'm good, I'm good, I'm good", I gasped, still mostly out of breath.

"I'm going to up the intensity a bit now, but I think you can take it."

I nodded vigorously. "Yes, please!"

He gently bent me forward again. I adjusted my legs so they were well spread once more. I could feel the incredible wetness between my legs. The whip and the crop resumed their work, lightly again at first. Swish and smack, smack and swish. My buttocks were already radiating heat. The tingling wasn't so much going in waves now, as being more of a constant radiance. They were working me more firmly  now and my moans took on a more pained tinge, the pain still good though, still deeply pleasurable. Then there were hands stroking my hair. I lifted my head slightly to come face to face with my male friend's erect cock. I opened my mouth to take him in, blows still raining down on my buttocks. He is so large as to require a wide open mouth and much concentration, both of which were difficult to achieve, but being stretched open by him added to the intensity of the sensations. Smack, smack, smack! Sharply now. I moaned into his cock. Suddenly the vibrations hit me again. I heard the buzzing, the same intensity as last time. Then the noise turned a degree more high pitched and so did the vibrations. I don't know what I was doing, whether I was moaning or screaming or sucking cock. Also the blows on my arse didn't cease this time. My brain went into non-computing sensation-blasted silence. Cuming, cuming, cuming, but not cuming. No orgasmic ending, just flying at the mercy of the person who held me at that point. And then it stopped.

I was straightened up once more. I was feeling incredibly light-headed, almost completely high. He was standing in front of me now. My eyelids were fluttering and it took a big effort to focus and meet his eyes, but I did.

"You were enjoying every minute of that!" he said, sounding almost surprised.

"Yes, I did." I couldn't resist bending over briefly once more, to give him at least a few sucks on his gloriously hard cock. He undid the carabiners, but I stayed in position, still holding on to the frame. Somebody new was standing behind me now and starting speaking to me softly and pleasurably. I leant into him and turned my head a little to see a gorgeous bald guy in a very sexy leather kilt.

"My friend and I couldn't help but come over to see who was enjoying themselves quite so much. She is wondering whether she can lick you pussy."

Only then did I notice a petite, naked dark haired girl squatting by my side. "Mmmm, of course." I kept leaning into him as she started licking me, my soaking pussy loving the stimulation. My beautiful dom for the night still in front of me, his hands (at least I think his hands, but I'm not sure about anything at this stage) kneading my breasts. Suddenly, a shocking feeling on my radiant buttocks. Ice cubes!! Ice cubes, melting their way down my hot arse. My head swimming, still moaning, still holding on. Then my friend and his beautiful cock were back, behind me this time. He grabbed my hips and penetrated me deeply. But I was so stretched out for him now, made wide open by my arousal, or maybe it's just the endorphins keeping the pain from his deep thrusting at bay. I knew this was it now, the grand finale. He was fucking me hard, as I held on to the frame for dear life. I felt somebody's hand against one of mine and grasped it and held on. And he was fucking me and fucking me, as I was screaming the place down in glorious happiness.

And then we were done - we really WERE done. My mistress friend helped to straighten me back up and led me to an arm chair. And believe me, I needed leading. My legs were shaking, my eyes unfocused and I was high as a kite. I did little more for the next half hour than to sit in that chair, clutching a glass of wine and smiling my famous Cheshire cat smile, interrupted only by occasional outbursts of "I love you guys", "You're amazing", "So nice to meet you". :-)


  1. This is such a hot piece of writing. The experience must have beeb incredibly intense and your writing expresses that. I wish I could have been there to watch--but then you make it feel like I was. Ty.

  2. Thank you, that is the best feedback you could give me, because that is exactly what I'm trying to do - to take you with me into the adventure. And yes, it was one of the best nights of my life.