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Friday, 23 April 2010

Poetry: Meaning?

What do you mean when you say love?
What do you mean when you say passion?
Is it what I mean, is it something different?
How do those words shape themselves in you?
How do they fill your being?
That tug of the loins, do you feel that too?
That which brings you instant hardness and me instant wetness, is it the same?
That explosion of the heart that I have learnt to call love, does it have the same meaning to you?

Perhaps it does, perhaps it doesn't.
We are both human after all.
Can I ever really know, not having lived in your skin?
We use these words thinking we know what they mean,
yet what are they but scanty symbols of the things that make us human.

What do I mean when I say love?
What do I mean when I say passion?
I can tell you, but you may not understand.
But I can be here with you,
Feeling love, feeling passion,
And through some miracle we'll both know.

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